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What is that "too flat" warning?
Dizzy Bee was designed to be played holding the iPhone/iPod touch vertically and turning it like a steering wheel rotates, but we’ve found that many people prefer to hold it more flat.  If you’re tired of the warning you can just push the button labeled “Stop Saying.” Then the triangle warning won’t bother you any more.

I just bought Dizzy Bee and now I found DizzyBeeFree did I just waste some money?
No. DizzyBeeFree is a lite version of Dizzy Bee. There are 4 (+1 bonus) levels in DizzyBeeFree, but Dizzy Bee has 40 (+ 5 bonus) levels.

I know I get points for fruits that survive and flowers I collect, but what is that chain score for?
Fruits like exiting together, so if one fruit exits and right after another one exits, then they will form a chain of 2. You get points based on the largest chain you make in the level.

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