I bought Dizzy Bee  and found a little too hard, is Dizzy Bee 2 even harder?
Dizzy Bee 2 has an ‘Easy’ mode which is much easier than Dizzy Bee. It also has a ‘Normal’ mode, which is at about the same level of difficulty as Dizzy Bee.

What are ‘precision’ controls?
Dizzy Bee 2 was made to be played flat sometimes, and vertically sometimes (no more too-flat warning!), so if you hold the device flat everything will move very slowly and the more you tilt it the faster everything will move. Just as you’d expect!

Is there going to be a free version of Dizzy Bee 2?
Sorry, but... no. We made DizzyBeeFree so that people could try out the Dizzy Bee series.  We hope you like it!

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